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Brake Cleaner, 400 ml

An active special cleaner for brake and gear parts. Removes oil, grease and other dirt. Cleans and degreases brakes, brake pads and gear parts and is indispensable in mounting and fitting. Free from halogenated hydrocarbons.
EUR 3,29(EUR 8,23/l)

Chain Spray, 300 ml

Effective protection against wear, stretching and corrosion. Specialist grease and lubricant for high-performance chain drives on motorcycles, mopeds and for use on bicycle chains or other chain drives. Penetrates into all chain parts to be greased thanks to its excellent creep properties. Centrifuge resistant lubricant film stands up to even the highest chain speeds. Once the solvent has evaporated, the highly tacky grease film remains.
EUR 5,29(EUR 17,63/l)
Velind Reinigungsbenzin

Cleaning Solvent, 1 l

Combination of selected solvents for the thorough and rapid cleaning and degreasing of construction parts in industrial and automotive applications whilst being neutral with regard to plastics. Effortlessly removes dirt deposits from animal and plant oils and fats.
EUR 4,29(EUR 4,29/l)

Contact Spray, 300 ml

Cleans, maintains and protects electrical, electronic and mechanical contacts and reliably prevents ignition problems due to damp in car, motorcycle, boat and lawnmower engines. Improves or restores conductivity. Contact Spray has very good creep properties and an incredibly water repellent effect, providing lasting protection from damp to the ignition system. Great for cleaning and corrosion protection.
EUR 3,69(EUR 12,30/l)

Engine Block Cleaner & Tar Remover, 300 ml

Gently and thoroughly removes oil, grease and tar as well as other stubborn dirt. For use on a wide variety of materials including paint, chrome, rubber and metal. The tenside ingredients are biodegradable.
EUR 3,39(EUR 11,30/l)

Ignition Aid, 300 ml

Improves ignition of petrol and diesel engines, protects battery and engine by reducing or eliminating repeated start attempts.
EUR 3,99(EUR 13,30/l)

Light Zinc Spray, 400 ml

Provides optimal corrosion protection for all metal surfaces. Conductive zinc layer for spot welding. For coating weld and drill locations. For repairing damage to zinc coatings. For car body parts, gutter pipes, garage doors etc.
EUR 8,99(EUR 22,48/l)
Velind Brennspiritus

Methylated Spirit, 1 l

min. 94% vol. ethanol
Suitable for use as an all-purpose cleaning agent for household and industry. Can be used for cleaning glass and tiles. Provides antifreeze protection in screen wash systems and for use as a fuel in spirit burners and fondue burners. Leaves no residue when burning.
EUR 3,49(EUR 3,49/l)

MoS² Oil Spray, 300 ml

A universal and effective oil for dealing with squeaks and jamming. Loosens rusted threads.
Protects against wear, dispels water and reduces corrosion.
EUR 4,29(EUR 14,30/l)
Velind Petroleum

Paraffin, 1 l

Suitable for cleaning oily and greasy dirt deposits. Many uses in home, workshop and industry.
EUR 4,29(EUR 4,29/l)