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Rust Remover, 300 ml

For loosening rusted threads. Quickly removes heavy rust build-up, encrusted dirt, oily and gummy residues. The sudden cold creates microfine cracks in the rust structure, permitting the active ingredient to penetrate faster and more deeply.
Provides temporary corrosion protection for vehicles and can be used to maintain the surfaces of any products made from iron or steel.
EUR 3,59(EUR 11,97/l)

Spray Grease, 300 ml

Grease for use on moving mechanical parts such as drivetrains, sprockets, rollers, hinges, bearings etc. Protects against corrosion and is extremely resistant to centrifuge, water and heat.

Easily greases even areas which are difficult to access and the light colour makes it very easy to see where it has been applied.
EUR 4,29(EUR 14,30/l)
Haftschmierspray 400 ml

Tacky Lube Spray, 400 ml

A high performance, long-lasting tacky lubricant for all types of hinges, chains, cogs, joints, levers, cables, bearings and gears. It repels moisture, protects from rust and is also very tacky and heat resistant.
EUR 6,49(EUR 16,23/l)
Velind Zweitaktmotorenöl

Two-Stroke Engine Oil, 100 ml

High-performance oil for motor-assisted bicycles, mopeds, cars, chainsaws, lawnmowers etc.
EUR 2,19(EUR 21,90/l)
Velind Terpentinersatz White Spirit

White Spirit, 1 l

Solvent for the cleaning of paint brushes and rollers. Removes resin and paint as well as adhesives. Also suitable for thinning oil-based paints and varnishes.
EUR 4,49(EUR 4,49/l)