Clear Filters

Glycerine, 250 ml

Cares for rubber parts in car, home and garden. Glycerine is a naturally occurring trivalent alcohol. It is a good solvent for many organic and inorganic substances.
EUR 3,79(EUR 15,16/l)

Gummipflegestift, 75 ml

Erhält die Elastizität, vermindert Rissbildung und Sprödigkeit. Durch die enthaltenen Wirkstoffe wirkt es wasserabweisend und verhindert das Anfrieren von Gummi an Metallteilen. Der Pflege-Stift besitzt einen Schwamm zum präzisen Auftragen.
EUR 3,49(EUR 46,53/l)

Ice Stop, 500 ml

Prevents windscreen and car windows from icing. Scraping is no longer required, protects the glass from scratches caused by dirt when removing ice.
EUR 6,49(EUR 12,98/l)

Ignition Aid, 300 ml

Improves ignition of petrol and diesel engines, protects battery and engine by reducing or eliminating repeated start attempts.
EUR 3,99(EUR 13,30/l)

Insect remover, 500 ml

Quickly and effortlessly cleans insects from glass, paint, plastic and chrome.
Also ideal for application before using a car wash.
EUR 5,79(EUR 11,58/l)

Light Zinc Spray, 400 ml

Provides optimal corrosion protection for all metal surfaces. Conductive zinc layer for spot welding. For coating weld and drill locations. For repairing damage to zinc coatings. For car body parts, gutter pipes, garage doors etc.
EUR 8,99(EUR 22,48/l)

Lock De-Icer, 50 ml

Rapidly de-ices door locks and other locks of all kinds and with regular use prevents re-icing. Contains graphite to lubricate and care for door locks.
EUR 1,59(EUR 31,80/l)

MoS² Oil Spray, 300 ml

A universal and effective oil for dealing with squeaks and jamming. Loosens rusted threads.
Protects against wear, dispels water and reduces corrosion.
EUR 4,29(EUR 14,30/l)

Plastic Care, 500 ml

Cleans and cares for plastic parts on the interior and exterior of cars. Refreshes colours and gives a matte silk sheen.
EUR 3,69(EUR 7,38/l)

Radiator Antifreeze (concentrate), 1,5 l, silikatfrei

Protects against frost, corrosion and overheating. Suitable for aluminium and alloy engines. Follow the vehicle manufacturer's instructions.
EUR 6,19(EUR 4,13/l)