Clear Filters

Tyre Care, 500 ml

Provides long-lasting protection against water and dirt. Maintains the elasticity of the tyres and, with regular use, prevents the development of cracks and brittleness.
EUR 6,19(EUR 12,38/l)

"Universal" Car Shampoo, 1 l

Velind Car Shampoo gently and thoroughly cleans all paint, rubber, plastic and glass surfaces.
EUR 3,29(EUR 3,29/l)

Upholstery Cleaner, 300 ml

Upholstery cleaner for economically and effortlessly removing dirt from upholstery, velour, carpets and trim. Does not leave marks. Refreshes upholstery colours, leaving them looking like new.
EUR 4,99(EUR 16,63/l)
Velind Scheibenenteiser

Windscreen De-Icer, 400 ml

Highly effective de-icer, even for heavy ice build-up. Increases protection against re-icing. Reduces misting of windows, improving vision and safety.
EUR 3,19(EUR 7,98/l)

Windscreen Foam, 500 ml

Gently cleans stubborn dirt from windscreen and lights. The product is based on environmentally friendly alcohols and biodegradable tensides.
EUR 3,89(EUR 7,78/l)

Windscreen Wash with Power Foam, 300 ml

Effortlessly cleans dirty windscreens, mirrors and headlights. Ensures clear and smear-free vision.
EUR 2,69(EUR 8,97/l)