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Insect Spray, 400 ml

For use against pests. Deals with troublesome and unpleasant insects of all kinds including flies, mosquitoes, ants and many more.
EUR 2,89(EUR 7,23/l)

Lamp Oil,  1 l

For oil lamps, oil torches and petrol lamps.
EUR 3,59(EUR 3,59/l)

Skin Protection & Insect Repellent, 200 ml

Pleasant smelling, long-lasting insect repellent. Contains skin-friendly ingredients and vitamin E to care for your skin.
EUR 3,99(EUR 19,95/l)

Waterproofing Spray, 300 ml

Effectively protects textiles, tents, leather, rucksacks, sportswear and much more from wet and dirt. With regular use will repel oil and acid without damaging the textile.
EUR 3,89(EUR 12,97/l)